Appium is an open-source platform that helps to automate mobile devices with the help of various programming languages. But today, in this article we will only focus on using Appium with UiPath for Mobile Devices Automation.

You can find Appium on GitHub.

But before starting the Appium setup, you should check for some basic system requirements –

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, and macOS
Node Js should be installed.
NPM should be installed.

Here I am using Windows OS and Node JS, NPM is already installed in my system. So, we are now ready for Appium installation.

Now, we need to run a simple command to install Appium

npm i -g appium@next

You will see output like the below image in your terminal or command prompt.

appium installation guide

Now run the below command to verify the installation.


You will see the output shown in the image below.

appium installation validation

If you see this screen then, congratulations you are done with Appium installation, and if you see some other output or some error. Let me know in the comments section. I am here to help you.

But wait, we are not yet completely ready to use it for mobile automation. We need to install some recommended drivers or plugins.

So basically to use Appium we need to interface which is termed here as a driver. So, we will now install “UiAutomator2 Driver”.

Here I am going to automate Android devices so we need to set up the Android development environment as well before installing this driver. I hope you can do that but if you find any challenge doing that let me know in the comments section.

After Android development setup, run the below command –

appium driver install uiautomator2

Now run the command “appium” to verify the installation.

That’s it. Installation is complete. You can now go ahead and automate your Android devices.

If you want to know in detail how to write your first test case for mobile automation using Appium, you can follow their official documentation here.

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That’s it. Happy Automation.

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By Alok Singh Chauhan

I have been a full-stack software engineer for 5 years. Now, I teach programming and do some freelancing jobs. I write blogs and YouTube videos also.

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