Backup Website from shared Hosting Using CPANEL

At some point in time, we all come into situations where we need a backup of our website from our shared hosting or individual hosting. We can come up with this situation accidentally or intentionally also we need a backup of the website sometime.

I am using hosting for some of my websites, and that hosting server is using CPANEL as a control panel for the hosting server. So, we will discuss here about taking backups of websites using CPANEL.

So, to back up the website, first log in to your Cpanel account. The Cpanel dashboard will look like the below screen.

Scroll Down to the Backup option in this dashboard. The options will look like the below screen.

You can use any one of these options shown in the above image. I am going to use Backup Wizard for ease of work. So, click on the backup wizard and you will see a screen like below image –

You can choose the “Full Backup” or “Partial Backup” as options are available in the above image. For now, I need a full backup of my website. So, Let’s click on a full backup.

After Clicking on Full Backup it will ask you about the directory and email. “The Directory” is for which directory you want to take backup from your server. It will notify you by email once the backup is ready.

Click on Generate Backup now. You can see a confirmation screen like the below image.

Now once the backup is completed, it will notify you by email mentioned in the above steps. And then come again to the Backup Wizard option in CPanel and then you can download your backup.

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