Create a new Project in Flutter

To Start with any programming language or its frameworks obviously we need to know some information about the programming language. That basic information includes the character set used, operators, library functions, and so on. After that, we should know how to create a new basic project in that programming language. Today we will learn here – How to Create a New Project in Flutter.

To Create a New Project in Flutter you should have Flutter IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) setup on your OS ( Operating System ) of choice. You can check my setup below –

  1. Operating System ( Windows 10 ) => Download Here
  2. Code Editor ( VS Code ) => Download Here
  3. Android Studio => Download Here
  4. Flutter CLI => Download Here
  5. Flutter Plugins in VS Code and Android Studio ( You can download them from Extensions or plugin sections from respective IDEs or code editors. )

You can also follow the same setup as per your choice.

Now we are ready to create a new project in a flutter.

Open VS Code.

Create a new Project in Flutter

Press Ctrl + Shift + P

Select Flutter: New Project and Press Enter
Create a new Project in Flutter

Select Application And Press Enter

Choose a Folder of your choice ( where you want to create your flutter project ) here at this step.

Create a new Project in Flutter

Now type your desired app name here at this step. I have kept it as “demo_app”.

Now. Flutter CLI will start creating a new flutter app for you. After waiting for a couple of seconds, our new project will be ready.

Create a new Project in Flutter

Our New Flutter Application is now ready. Enjoy Fluttering.

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